Your big day. .

Some girls dream their whole life about having a big white wedding, Some girls just want to jet off and get married in private, others just a court house union and romantic dinner. All of us are different and all our 'dream weddings' are different.

From the moment the love of your life gets down on one knee, most girls are already planning their ideal day, and I want to be a part of it!

Your Makeup Artist is more than just your Makeup Artist, she is also your problem solver, therapist & mediator. She is there to make you into the absolute best version of yourself! Physically and emotionally.

My Style

I describe my bridal style as soft glam. I work with you to find what you're comfortable with, enhancing and complimenting your natural features that your fiancé fell in love with.

You're walking down the aisle and beginning a beautiful new chapter in your life and it would be my honor to make you the most beautiful bride that your guests have ever seen.


Bridal Hair

I have lots of Brides inquiring about combined hair and makeup services for their weddings.

I do not offer this. The reason I chose not to offer these combined services is due to timing.

1.5 - 2 hours per person is the average time spent getting hair and make up done for a bridal party, if you have 6 women in the party, that is 9-12 hours that you and your girls will be getting ready for. If there is a separate hair dresser working along side a makeup artist, then that time is cut in half, meaning a better sleep in, less pressure and stress and a more relaxed vibe. I have hairdressers that i have worked with in the past that i would be happy to recommend. 








Bridal pricing

Wedding makeup is a flat rate charge. I do not charge differently for a bride than I do for a bridesmaid or guest. Every single one of my clients always receives 100% service, regardless of who they are or what the occasion. I structure my pricing this way as the entire wedding is extraordinarily different to a regular day of clients and to minimize stress and confusion.

The time I spend setting up for the day and packing / cleaning up afterwards, the time I stay back after the job is finished to help the photographer get those perfect shots while I will go back through and do final touch ups are all factored into the cost, in addition to this, I don’t charge for travel* and I will also only book 1 wedding a day so that mine and my team’s focus is completely on you and your big day. You are the center of our universe from the moment we wake up until the moment you are washing your makeup off at the end of the best day of your life.

Weddings are a flat rate of $120 per person

includes all lashes, local travel* & final touch ups. 


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