The Story 

After SO many years of installing & cutting tape extensions
for clients, I have learnt what they love and what they don't. A few
years ago, I started installing my own tapes on myself
(don't ask, its a real effort) so that I could try different positioning
and layouts. Then, not long after that I started cutting my own
tapes in my own hair. I know my methods inside out, as I use them on
myself. I am a specialist in creating a totally seamless transition from
natural hair to extensions. Which means a result of hair that moves naturally,
that creates a gorgeous waterfall ponytail, that doesn't look like a badly maintained

You are in very very good hands. 
Hair is custom ordered in per client, please allow 1 - 2 days
from time of ordering.



Great for all hair types that are normal to thick in texture. This is another great all round option for most people as it is similar to Indian origin, though it is substantially more durable and more silky.


One of the most widely available origins, it is extremely similar to Brazilian, slightly finer in texture.

Virgin Slavic / Russian

This hair is perfectly suited to people who find that their hair is finer in texture, it is great for hair that is already soft and healthy. Hair sourced from this part of the world is naturally more silk like and is very easy to distinguish from other origins.

Virgin Slavic / Russian Invisible
The invisible tapes are hand made and 100% undetectable, they have no shiny bond visible what so ever. Each piece is hand sewn onto the bond so their quality of hold is of the highest standard.

Finally, a truly undetectable method of extension is finally a reality.
This hair is the finest on the market. Sourced from areas in and around Russia, Ukraine, Finland and even Norway among other areas. This hair is very easy to distinguish from hair sourced from other parts of the world. It is silky and incredibly fine in texture. It is collected in a virgin state and processed through a manufacturing process unlike any other, this process keeps the integrity and strength of the hair with no harsh bleaching or heating.



*NEW* Flat Track Wefts *NEW*

I am so so so so so excited to finally be offering this amazing new method in my studio. It is absolutely fantastic!

I wear flat tracks myself, after 11 years of tape extensions, I will forever use flat tracks instead

A full, 100gram set can be installed in as little as 3 rows! There is no glue, heat or braiding, tension is evenly applied meaning no hair pulling or breakage. Maintenance is due every 8 weeks and the best part about this method is that it can be done in one session!! 

I also have Silk Wefts available in a small selection of colours, the stitching of the weft is 4 times thinner than a regular weft, meaning you can stack them up and have more weight on less rows. More colours will be coming in the future.










Great for all hair types. Tapes are comfortable, light weight and flat against the head. Maintenance is required every 6 - 8 weeks, which is done over 2 sessions. The first session, the extensions are removed, then in the second session, your extensions are re-installed.These sessions are at least 1 day apart, so that in-between, I will remove all the old tape strips, wash and treat the hair, then apply fresh tape, while you have can give your hair a good deep cleanse and both your hair and the extensions will be ready for a brand new installation. Unfortunately, due to the nature of my studio, I no longer have a hair basin to wash your hair in-between the removal and the install. It is for this reason that my maintenance prices are set lower than salons, I apologise for the inconvenience.


and thickness

Weights & Thickness

| Half = 50g | 20 tapes | 1-2 wefts | 

Not enough to add length, this is great for volume and evening out of uneven ends.

| Full = 100g | 40 tapes | 2-3 wefts | 

For a light, natural fullness. Suitable for fine hair or hair that is at least shoulder length.

| Extra Full = 150g | 60 tapes | 3-4 wefts | 

For very full, thick hair. Suitable for thick or fine hair, or hair that is shorter in length and will require layering of the extensions.

| Bombshell = 200g | 80 tapes | 3-5 wefts | 

For that bouncy playboy bunny look. Suitable for all hair types / lengths. 



20 inches

22 inches available

Half $350

Full $550

Extra Full $750

Bombshell $950 

18 inches

22 inches

22 inches

Virgin Slavic


22 inches


Flat Track


Half $260

Full $460

Extra Full $660

Bombshell $860 

Brazilian Tapes

Brazilian Tapes

Half $310

Full $510

Extra Full $710

Bombshell $910

Virgin Slavic Tapes

Half $370

Full $570

Extra Full $770

Bombshell $970

Quater $270

Half $430

Full $730

Extra Full $1000

Bombshell $1300

These are introductory prices and may change in the future.

Existing tape extension clients of mine can enjoy their first flat track 

maintenance complimentary when switching to this method.

All hair is custom ordered and take 1-2 days to arrive, with full payment due before the order can be placed.

Please plan accordingly. 

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