Preparing For the Big Day 

Lipstick/Lipgloss | I highly recommend bringing with you a lipstick or lip options, that way you will have something to touch up with.

I also sell a deluxe touch up kit that includes a full sized MAC Lipstick, if you prefer.

I do have lip palettes and can mix shades up, even though they are long wearing, they won’t last the entire day/night due to eating, drinking etc.



Water is your best friend to ensure your skin is clear, bright and plump. Your makeup with sit smoother and last longer on skin that is properly hydrated from within. 

No moisturiser will take the place of drinking water. 

Start a good skincare regime.

I wish i was a skin care guru, but my talents lay elsewhere. I recommend going into your local beauty spa or beautician and get their advice. 

Invest in a Silk or Satin pillowcase. 

 - and wash it regularly, as in, 2 times a week. 

This will make the biggest difference to your skin and hair! The material prevents hair from breaking, it keeps skin soft and prevents wrinkles. 

Silk or Satin will work. Silk is thought to be better as it doesn't absorb skin care. I use Satin and have not regretted it. 

Skin Prep 
Please exfoliate and moisturise your skin the night before, then no need to do anything the day of your appointment. 
Please also make sure you come to your appointment with no makeup on.

If you are having a professional photographer taking photographs while you and your bridal party are getting ready, I kindly ask, if possible, that when you receive those photos, could you please send me any that include me, it’s lovely to have memories of the morning I spent with you all. 
Also, it would be so greatly appreciated if you pick out a couple of photos from the wedding or reception that you would be happy for me to feature on my website, for future brides to see.

Months leading up to your wedding

The night before

Professional Photos